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No two cities are alike; Why should our hotels be? From New York City to Sanya, China, each property is designed to give guests a curated taste of the locale, reflecting the best of cultural and social miliieu. The result is a refreshing collection of individualized hotels (the anti-hotel chain), representing a new generation of luxury.

High-octane glamour

- vogue uk


The New Generation Of Luxury

A place to lay your head and get everything you need (and want). At CHITTLANGIA, we believe true luxury is being heard before you even speak.



From artists and musicians to world-class chefs and designers, the CHITTLANGIA experience is a collaboration of creativity, leaving no stone unturned to make the guest experience nuanced, enchanting, and truly memorable.

You can have variety and originality on a grand scale

- sgnr observer

CHITTLANGIA does things a little differently, and people have noticed. Just look at what the world is saying...

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